ron and dixie
Baldy Ski lifts:

It was hot--over 100 F and a fairly steep grade over the almost 12 miles up. It really didn’t seem that hard of a climb. I did it in 1 hr 36 min and averaged 7.1 mph. I should be able to do better next time plus I would like to add in the Lake Henshaw loop. Total climb 3969 feet according to my computer. See these links for details and maps of the ride.

  1. SoCalVelo

  2. RoadBikeRides

Here’s video at the top of the road to Mt Baldy Ski Lifts a couple of weeks later. I road from Glendora cycling shed. It was cold and steep. I think way harder than Palomar. And some deer I almost ran into on the way back.

my ride up palomar 9/17/2009